Samuel Vaiter

I am a CNRS research associate (CR2) in Applied Mathematics at IMB (Université de Bourgogne, France). My current research interests focus on variational regularization in signal and image processing, convex analysis, sparsity and risk estimation. @vaiter @svaiter


Jul 22, 2016
New preprint on accelerated alternating descent methods

Together with A. Chambolle and P. Tan, we extended recent results by Antonin and T. Pock on the acceleration of alternating minimization techniques for quadratic plus nons-mooth objectives depending on two variables, with an emphasis on the strongly convex case. The paper is available at Accelerated Alternating Descent Methods for Dykstra-like problems.

Jun 16, 2016
New preprint on re-fitting

Together with C. Deledalle, N. Papadakis and J. Salmon, we proposed a new framework to remove parts of the systematic errors affecting popular restoration algorithms. This work is available at the following link CLEAR: Covariant LEAst-square Re-fitting with applications to image restoration.

Apr 1, 2016
Paper accepted

Our paper The Degrees of Freedom of Partly Smooth Regularizers has been accepted for publication in Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (AISM).

Nov 3, 2015
MOA Workshop 2015

We organize at the IMB the annual workshop of the GdR MOA in December 2015. It will highlight recent advances in optimization. More information here.

Oct 28, 2015
PhD PGMO award

I received one of the two PGMO PhD award for my thesis. This award is delivered by Programme Gaspard Monge pour l’optimisation et la recherche op√©rationnelle.